Andrew Lindsay, or shall we say just Andy, has been man and boy in upholstery. From the time that he left school, upholstery, restoration has been his business and his life. Andy has carried out lots of amazing and highly prestigious projects, including everything from creating a Giants Chair for an exhibition, to working of one of the lasrgest privately owned Yachts in the world which is looked after by the Royal Navy to designing high impact and protection chairs and fittings for submarines. These are to name just a few. Andy understating as usual describes this as "Very interesting work"

From the most simple repairs. Nothing is too small or too large for Andy and his staff. From stuffing a sunken pouffe to restoring and resizing the most glorious Chez Longue, Lindsay's Upholstery provide the professionalism and the service beyond the call of duty.

Commercial work includes restaurants, offices, theatres, bars, boats, caravans, night clubs, sports venues, so no job really is too large. We can collect your furniture and quote on site. Call us today 01217454588 or email

Andy Lindsay